Comox Valley Search & Rescue is a fantastic and diverse group of volunteers who come from all walks of life.  CVSAR volunteer for different reason and all pursue a variety of hobbies and occupations outside of SAR, but they all have one common goal, helping those in need when it matters most.  Enjoy our blog series “Who We Are – CVSAR” and learn about all the people that make CVSAR such a great volunteer organization to be a part of.

What do you do outside of SAR for work/hobbies?
I am a mom to some wonderful kids and also work as a nurse at the North Island Hospital Comox Valley. At home I have my own little hobby farm with a horse, ducks, chickens, a rabbit and my very cute and quirky mini donkeys.

What is your role in SAR?

GSAR member

What makes you passionate about SAR?
The wonderful CVSAR team helped out a member of my family in the past. Until our family needed assistance I had never even really heard of the volunteers or appreciated how much they help our community. Joining them is my way of giving back and saying thank you.

What’s been the most rewarding part of being a part of SAR?
I love being a part of the fantastic CVSAR team because everyone has so much knowledge to share. I am constantly learning. Knowing I get to make a small difference to someone in need of our help is an amazing feeling. Of course this also wouldn’t be possible without the support of my amazing partner.

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