Comox Valley Search & Rescue is a fantastic and diverse group of volunteers who come from all walks of life.  CVSAR volunteer for different reason and all pursue a variety of hobbies and occupations outside of SAR, but they all have one common goal, helping those in need when it matters most.  Enjoy our blog series “Who We Are – CVSAR” and learn about all the people that make CVSAR such a great volunteer organization to be a part of.

What do you do outside of SAR for work/hobbies?
Work: Sr. Business Systems Analyst/Team Lead for TELUS Employer Solutions; Hobbies: Family time, sailing, hiking

What is your role in SAR?

Various: Team Lead, K9 Handler, Hoist Team Member, Swiftwater Tech, Rope Team Member, plus a little IT admin in the background

What makes you passionate about SAR?
I believe in being an active member of your community, and volunteering with SAR allows me to blend community service with my passion for the outdoors. I have an incredibly supportive family that allows me to participate to the level that I do.

What’s been the most rewarding part of being a part of SAR?
Being a part of an amazing group of dedicated volunteers, and the friendships forged over challenging terrain in inclement weather, often at night! 

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