Comox Valley Search & Rescue is a fantastic and diverse group of volunteers who come from all walks of life.  CVSAR volunteer for different reason and all pursue a variety of hobbies and occupations outside of SAR, but they all have one common goal, helping those in need when it matters most.  Enjoy our blog series “Who We Are – CVSAR” and learn about all the people that make CVSAR such a great volunteer organization to be a part of.

What do you do outside of SAR for work/hobbies?

When I’m not at SAR, I am semi-retired ex-military. That being, I’m busier now than when I worked full-time. I am a professional Barber as well as a Custom woodworker. I find the two professions are a good meld. Both require patience and an eye for detail. For recreation I do a lot of hiking /backpacking and am an avid cyclist. I bike commute to work 90% of the time. I also love spending time with my lovely wife Sara and my teenage boy Eli. We are very outdoorsy people and have a very active Aussie dog that keeps us motivated.

What is your role in SAR?

I’ve been a member of CVGSAR for 5 years. I am a Team Leader, a member of the Board of Directors and Co-Chair of the Membership Committee.

What makes you passionate about SAR? For many years I wanted to be a part of SAR. It has been only the past 5 years that I have found the time to dedicate to this fantastic organization. Knowing that when the call comes in that I am part of team that is going out, often into the wilderness, on a dark wet night to help someone who is in need. Someone who is somebody’s, child, parent, grandparent or friend. Knowing that I am able to make a difference and reunite loved ones.

What’s been the most rewarding part of being a part of SAR? 

Being part of a professional, well-disciplined team. After 20 years in the military I really missed the camaraderie that I had. Working with my team mates for a common purpose has really filled a void that has been missing in my life. The most memorable experience I had was about 4 years ago, there was a lost 3-yr old, who spent a long night lost in the mountains.  When the call came over the radio that he’d been found safe the next day, every range of emotion swept over me. I happen to be at his residence when he was brought home. His Grandmother gave me a big hug and a heartfelt thank you. I still get choked up when I think about it. That search was the highlight of my year.

Interested in joining Comox Valley Search & Rescue?

Check out our Application Page where you can learn about all the requirements, find out anwsers to commonly asked questions and fill out an application.

We are also hosting an Open House on November 28th from 7 – 9pm at our SAR hall where you can meet some of the members, see all the equipment we use on a SAR call out and answer any questions you have about what being a member of CVSAR entails.