CVSAR – Swiftwater Group 3

14. Surface load is defined as?

15. You are the first to arrive at a vehicle that has gone into the river. You conduct a "Rescue Scene Evaluation" and find that there are multiple subjects and some are missing. It will be dark in an hour. Your first action is to:

16. You arrive at a swiftwater incident to find a person stuck on a mid-stream island. The subject appears to be in good spirits and is communicating. The public has gathered. Your safety and rescue priority is:

17. When choosing thermal protection choose:

18. What does a paddle vertical in the air mean?

19. The best prevention of exposure to toxic water environment is?

20. Fire service helmets are considered unsafe because:

21. What should you first establish to gain safety and control of a swiftwater rescue scene?

Scenario: A family reunion is happening at Puntledge Park in the middle of summer and 4 family members (teenagers) decided to take their tubes and go upstream to the Browns river confluence and tube back to Puntledge Park. They have been gone 4 hours and it is getting near dusk. You get a phone call that SAR is requested to search for the subjects. How do you perform this search / rescue?