CVSAR – Swiftwater Group #1

1. What does a paddle horizontal over your head mean?

2. A vertical flow of water is called?

3. Why are bridges frequent sites of rescues during floods?

4. When assessing a river for the risk what is one key component to take into consideration?

5. River "right" and river "left" is determined by?

6. Why is it difficult to identify geomorphic features, such as cracks and crevices in the river bed?

7. You arrive first at a person who is hanging on to a mid-stream rock. The subject is approximately 5 meters from the bank in class 3 river environment. What should your initial action be?

8. What is a log jam?

Scenario: A group of 15 high school kids are cliff jumping at the bottom of the Medicine Bowls. One of the kids dives in and swims across from river river to left but wasted all his energy, hurt his ankle and is unable to swim back to river right. No one else in the group has the ability to swim across the river as it is flowing too fast. You are called to assist in getting the subject back to river right where there is a waiting ambulance in a nearby parking lot. What is your game plan?